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Kraken Kissed Adventures Documentary Series

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What is Kraken Kissed?

Kraken Kissed is my little island of freedom. It’s the feel of the sea spray. It’s the soul of the deep. It is following your dreams.

Ok, but bringing it back out of metaphor. It’s my expression of freedom. It’s me trying to life my life in my own way, damn the “norm’. For me it looks like living on a sailboat with my family, and sailing around the world.

Who is Kraken Kissed for?

It’s for the adventurous in spirit even if not in body. I know not everyone is ready to drop it all and run off chasing their adventures. I want to encourage YOU to add adventure to your life even if it’s in small ways.

For those interested in sailing away, I want to give you the information you need to not only inspire you to keep moving toward your goal, but also give you resources to be able to get on that boat and go!

If I had to pick who I want to help most, it’s young families thinking about going(and trying to figure out how to go) cruising. As parents, there are additional concerns you have that may hold you back…. I know they did for us. I want to help you so that you’re not jumping into the unknown. I want to hold your hand as you ready yourselves to untie the dock lines,