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Thanks for stopping my the “start here” page. This is where I’ll be able to get you caught up with some of what’s going on.I’m Regina and I’ll be your hostess on this wild ride!

I’m an agoraphobic, socially phobic stay-at-home mom who set sail on a long-standing dream to sail around the world with my family. To do this, I’ll need to face not only trying to interact with people all around the world, but to face my inner demons to ensure I get to SEE this world I’m struggling so hard to explore.

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There are days where I’m so thrilled with my life, I can’t believe it’s real. We are sailing around the world, currently in Providencia, Columbia. We’re in the tropics as I have the opportunity to build an online, location independent business that will allow us to keep traveling even after my father-in-law is done with this trip.
But then, there are days where I remember all the sacrifices that go with this. I’m no where near family, I’m socially anxious (and therefore don’t make friends quickly), I’m in a small space with not only my family and my father-in-law, but also with whatever crew is coming along too. And speaking of family, my eldest, is in Chicago… And I miss her more than I can express. It’s like a hole in my very soul. Plus, my room, as it seems is required on every boat, leaks…. And between travel and rain, my bed it wet. (About a 3×3 dry space at the far end of it.) Plus, while we were in the last place, my (good) camera died.
It leaves me wondering what the hell am I thinking? What am I doing here? I know Alan adores being at sea… But for me it’s about new places… And this totally IS a new place… But today, with the rain, the wind, and all the issues I’ve been having, (including having injured my finger), it makes me wonder if the sacrifice is worth it.
Today it doesn’t feel like it is. But I also know here is always tomorrow. I have to remind myself that though the sailing itself isn’t as much “my thing” as it is Alan’s, that this is something I’ve wanted forever… To travel and see the world. The price only seems so high while I’m having to pay, but the rewards are numerous, and amazing.

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